Take Action

Tell key legislators what you think about their out-of-control behavior and legislation:

Join us on  Monday, April 23rd at the General Assembly Building on Jones Street in Raleigh for our second statewide Rein Them In Rally. Let lawmakers know that their out-of-control behavior is unacceptable to the people of North Carolina.   

The rally starts at 11:00 AM and will last about an hour. If you can stay longer, join us in watching the start of yet another “Special Session.” Let’s let lawmakers know we are keeping our eyes on them and that we expect them to conduct themselves in an open, honest and transparent way that respects the people’s right to know and does not waste taxpayer dollars!

RSVP for the Rally here.


If you can’t attend a rally, send lawmakers an email or sign up for our mailing list and we’ll tell you about future advocacy opportunities:


Speaker Thom Tillis (R-Mecklenburg)

Speaker Tillis of Mecklenburg County was the mastermind behind the NC House’s midnight override. After universal condemnation from the state’s newspaper editorials, Tillis bristled and insisted he did nothing wrong. Tillis even told the Charlotte Observer he’d do it again if needed.

Tell Thom Tillis you expect him and the other GOP House members to act more ethically!


Rep. Bill Brisson (D-Bladen)

Rep. Brisson of Bladen County told the NC Association of Educators that he traded his vote on the NCAE-dues check-off in return for sending the Racial Justice Act repeal back to committee. In the end, he voted with the majority to spite teachers.

Tell Bill Brisson that selling out one progressive interest for
another is not the way to make North Carolina better!


Rep. Tim Moffitt (R-Buncombe)

Lawmakers slashed funding for public education, which forced local districts to lay-off 1,800 teachers and teacher assistants. They also cut funding for early childhood programs Smart Start and NC Pre-K by 20%. Why? Rep. Tim Moffitt of Buncombe County revealed his views in a recent education oversight committee meeting when no media were watching. “I am very suspect of early childhood education,” Moffitt said. “I am very suspect of education in general.” Lots of suspicion and budget slashing, but no suggestions for solutions.

 Tell Tim Moffitt how important education is to North Carolina!


Rep. Ruth Samuelson (R-Mecklenburg)

Rep. Samuelson of Mecklenburg County sponsored North Carolina’s new anti-woman, anti-choice law which shows an out-of-date attitude toward women. North Carolina’s abortion law is now among the most restrictive in the nation and is particularly disrespectful to both medical professionals and women. The new abortion restriction literally tells doctors what to say to their patients. It forces women to watch ultrasounds. It requires women to sign an affidavit if they choose to avert their eyes.

Tell Ruth Samuelson that the doctors and women of North Carolina
can be trusted to make their own decisions in this very private matter!


5 thoughts on “Take Action”

  1. Jeff Starkweather said:

    I am taking action personally by running for an open House seat (54) as a progressive Democratic candidate. See my website at http://www.jeffstarkweatherforstatehouse.com/

  2. Moffitt’s agenda to privatize Asheville’s water supply should also be mentioned – and loudly!

  3. I have long wondered where the concervatives hearts and interests are. How can so many of them like those who snuck out in the dark, the dead of night to conduct a meeting that was intended to exclude representatives who speak for educating our children? North Carolina is already 49th in our country in fundig for education. And, of course, what do they think of those without jobs, the hungry and the sick? I wondered and came up with the obvious just by listening to their cold words and watching their insensitive behaviors. All you have to do is listen to what they say and do. They support the special interest groups who are obsessed with power and profit which includes their own special interests.

    I did not say they care about the Golden Rule, or show compassion and love of the needy. Can you imagine those who sneaked out at midnight, the expressions on their faces and the arrogant comments they made to their gang? Can you imagine them giving one of their extra coats to a cold person such as, a child, a pregnant teenager, or an elderly person who was standing in their way as they passed them by on the way to their manipulative meeting. How about any hungry person? Can you you really see them sharing even a small amount of food with such a person obviously hungry who might have been irritating them to dare stand in their way to their clandestined councel? Can you really see these shadowy officials helping a sick person who wasn’t one of their financial supporters holding a golf club or a glass of wine at a fine restuarant?

  4. I can’t be there but I wish I could! We need to get RID of this dangerous legislature. They’re busily pushing the ALEC agenda on NC and ruining our great school systems. They’ve got to GO.

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