Save Our State

North Carolina’s General Assembly has been taken over by a small group of well-funded, out-of-control rightwing extremists who are attempting to turn our state into an ultra-conservative stronghold for the national far right.


North Carolina’s General Assembly is out of control. We’re not talking politics as usual or elected officials imitating what their opponents have done in the past. The behavior of these rightwing lawmakers is unethical, unconstitutional and out of touch with what the rest of North Carolina wants.

Already, they have curtailed our basic rights, changed state laws to accommodate their rightwing ideology, used public policy to benefit their big donors and rejected all calls for transparency and more ethical behavior. 

They have ignored North Carolina’s real problems to waste taxpayer time and money on a relentless agenda of far right social changes that inject the government into our personal lives and impose their beliefs on us all. The very policies that brought North Carolina international fame as one of the best places to call home and do business in are now being systematically reversed in the name of extreme rightwing ideology. 

Please read about that is going on in Raleigh and share this website with your family and friends. Then take action to stop these out-of-control lawmakers from ruining our state. Their colleagues have been unable to stop them. The media has been unable to stop them. Only the people of North Carolina can stop them now.

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